Free Tailwind templates vanilla JS


landing page tailwind template

Landing Page

Landing Page is a beautiful free Tailwind template for products and startups

startup template tailwind template

Startup Template

Startup is a uniquely designed Tailwind template for startups

cento tailwind template


Cento is a great basic Tailwind template for young startups

31 march tailwind template

31 March

31 March is a simple light themed Tailwind template for basic startup sites


landwind tailwind template


Landwind is a clean Tailwind template built with Flowbite for SaaS landing pages

play tailwind template


Play is a modern free Tailwind template for startups and SaaS projects

pinwheel tailwind template


Pinwheel is a highly customizable free Tailwind template for SaaS

screenshot tailwind template


Screenshot is an awesome Tailwind template for SaaS project presentations

skilline tailwind template


Skilline is a beautiful free Tailwind template for Saas landing pages

landing software tailwind template

Landing Software

Landing Software is a stylish Tailwind template for SaaS projects

marketing web app tailwind template

Marketing Web App

Marketing Web App is a well-designed Tailwind template for SaaS

app landing page tailwind template

App Landing Page

App Landing Page is a simple Tailwind template for mobile app presentations

nordic store tailwind template

Nordic Store

Nordic Store is a one page Tailwind template for selling physical products online


tailone tailwind template


Tailone is a free Tailwind template for digital marketing agency websites

Coming soon

rainblur landing page tailwind template

Rainblur Landing Page

Rainblur is a simple free Tailwind template for basic coming soon pages


tailnews tailwind template

Tailnews Tailwind Template

Tailnews is a free Tailwind template for blog and magazine websites

ghostwind tailwind template


Ghostwind is a minimal Tailwind template for blog websites


profile card tailwind template

Profile Card Tailwind Template

Profile Card is a basic Tailwind template for a personal profile page


flowbite admin dashboard tailwind template

Flowbite Admin Dashboard

Flowbite Admin Dashboard is a generous open source Tailwind template

soft ui flowbite tailwind template

Soft UI Flowbite

Soft UI Flowbite is a great dashboard template based on Tailwind plus Flowbite

windster tailwind template


Windster is a great looking Tailwind template for admin dashboards

cleopatra tailwind template


Cleopatra is a free Tailwind template for admin dashboards

admin template tailwind template

Admin Template

Admin Dashboard is a Tailwind template for dashboard projects

tailwind admin tailwind template

Tailwind Admin

Tailwind Admin is a free Tailwind template for conservatory looking dashboards

admin template night tailwind template

Admin Template Night

Admin Template Night is a dark mode Tailwind template for dashboards

admin template day tailwind template

Admin Template Day

Admin Template Day is a light mode Tailwind template for dashboards

windmill dashboard tailwind template

Windmill Dashboard

Windmill is a dependency-free Tailwind template for dashboards

tailadmin tailwind template


TailAdmin is a great open source Tailwind template for dashboards

soft ui dashboard tailwind tailwind template

Soft UI Dashboard Tailwind

Soft UI Dashboard is a beautiful Tailwind template created for dashboards

argon dashboard 2 tailwind tailwind template

Argon Dashboard 2 Tailwind

Argon Dashboard 2 is an advanced Tailwind template for admin dashboards

admin one tailwind template

Admin One

Admin One is a free Tailwind template covering dashboard essentials

dark app dashboard tailwind template

Dark App Dashboard

Dark App Dashboard is a well-structured dashboard Tailwind template

UI kit

notus tailwind js tailwind template

Notus Tailwind JS

Notus is a feature-packed Tailwind UI kit and dashboard template

tailmater tailwind template


Tailmater is an open source UI kit Tailwind template based on Material 3 design system


preline tailwind template


Preline is a generous free React component library built for accessibility