Free Svelte templates

For websites, blogs, portfolios and ecommerce.


sveltekit landing daisy svelte template

SvelteKit Landing Daisy

SvelteKit Landing Daisy is a free Daisy Tailwind SvelteKit template that's fit for startups


yuyutsu svelte template


Yuyutsu is a basic free SvelteKit template that's well designed for simple blogs

tablog svelte svelte template

Tablog Svelte

Tablog Svelte is a free SvelteKit template featuring a crisp and minimal style for blogs

sveltekit blog svelte template

SvelteKit Blog

SvelteKit Blog is a free Tailwind TypeScript SvelteKit template for blogs

sveltekit static blog svelte template

SvelteKit Static Blog

SvelteKit Static Blog is a free SvelteKit template for blogs


slick portfolio svelte svelte template

Slick Portfolio Svelte

Slick Portfolio Svelte is a great free SvelteKit template with multiple pages for portfolio


sveltekit personal site svelte template

Sveltekit Personal Site

Sveltekit Personal Site is a free Tailwind SvelteKit template that's fully responsive for personal


swiftmarket svelte template


SwiftMarket is a free Tailwind SvelteKit template that has sections and elements for ecommerce

sveltekit commerce svelte template

SvelteKit Commerce

SvelteKit Commerce is a Shopify Tailwind SvelteKit template for ecommerce


salvia kit svelte template

Salvia Kit

Salvia Kit is an awesome collection of free Tailwind Svelte templates for dashboards

windmill svelte template


Windmill is a great free Tailwind SvelteKit template for admin dashboards

UI Kit

notus svelte svelte template

Notus Svelte

Notus Svelte is a generous free Tailwind Svelte UI kit and admin template


daisy ui svelte template

Daisy UI

Daisy UI is an awesome free Tailwind Svelte component library very popular among developers

float ui svelte template

Float UI

Float UI is an awesome free Tailwind Svelte component library to help get things done faster

flowbite svelte svelte template

Flowbite Svelte

Flowbite Svelte is a great free Flowbite Svelte component library that's very popular

grail ui svelte template

Grail UI

Grail UI is a great free Svelte components library

stwui svelte template


Stwui is a useful free Tailwind Svelte components library

yesvelte svelte template


YeSvelte is a feature-packed free Svelte components library

casual ui svelte template

Casual UI

Casual UI is a free Svelte components library

teilui svelte template


TeilUI is a great free Svelte components library

ato ui svelte template

Ato UI

Ato UI is a free UnoCSS Melt Tailwind Svelte components library

steeze ui svelte template

Steeze UI

Steeze UI is an effortless free SvelteKit components library


saas starter svelte template

SaaS Starter

SaaS Starter is a free Tailwind SvelteKit SaaS starter that's flexible and powerful