Free Nuxt templates

For websites, landing pages, blogs, portfolios and dashboards.


modevue nuxt template


ModeVue is an awesome free multipurpose Nuxt template for business websites

landing nuxt nuxt template

Landing Nuxt

Landing Nuxt is a light and dark themed free Tailwind Nuxt template for startups

landing template nuxt template

Landing Template

Landing Template is a simple Vuetify Nuxt template for basic startup landing pages


landingpro nuxt template


LandingPro is a generous free Vuetify Nuxt template for SaaS landing pages

nefa nuxt template


Nefa is a stylish free Tailwind Nuxt template for SaaS landing pages

podcas landing page nuxt template

Podcas Landing Page

Podcas Landing Page is a basic free Tailwind Nuxt template for podcasts


gp vue boilerplate nuxt template

Gp Vue Boilerplate

Gp Vue Boilerplate is a feature-rich free Nuxt template for agency websites


jadoo nuxt template


Jadoo is a beautiful and feature-rich Tailwind Nuxt template for travel agencies


nuxt i18n blog v3 nuxt template

Nuxt i18n blog v3

Nuxt i18n blog v3 is a minimal but functional free Tailwind Nuxt template

alpine nuxt template


Alpine is a great free Nuxt template for blogs

nuxtjs tailwind blog nuxt template

NuxtJS Tailwind Blog

NuxtJS Tailwind Blog is a good looking free Tailwind Nuxt template for blogs

nuxt blog starter nuxt template

Nuxt Blog Starter

Nuxt Blog Starter is a minimal dark mode Bulma Nuxt template for basic blogs


codefolio nuxt template


Codefolio is a well-designed free Bootstrap Nuxt template for portfolios

nuxtjs tailwindcss portfolio nuxt template

Nuxtjs TailwindCSS Portfolio

Nuxtjs TailwindCSS Portfolio is a great free Tailwind Nuxt template for portfolios

developer portfolio v2 nuxt template

Developer Portfolio v2

Developer Portfolio v2 is a funky and unique Nuxt template for dev portfolios


nuxt resume nuxt template

Nuxt Resume

Nuxt Resume is a great dark mode free Nuxt template for resumes

content wind nuxt template

Content Wind

Content Wind is a light-weight free Tailwind Nuxt template based on markdown for personal sites


flameytv nuxt template


FlameyTV is a free movie database Tailwind Nuxt template

movies nuxt template


Movies is a films listing free UnoCSS Typescript Nuxt template

curatedstack nuxt template


CuratedStack is a complete free Nuxt template for a curated website directory


materialpro free nuxtjs admin nuxt template

MaterialPro Free NuxtJs Admin

MaterialPro Free NuxtJs Admin is a Vite Vuetify TypeScript Nuxt template for admin

adminpro free nuxtjs admin nuxt template

AdminPro Free NuxtJs Admin

AdminPro Free NuxtJs Admin is a Vite Vuetify TypeScript Nuxt template for admin

spike nuxt template


Spike is a good looking free MUI Nextjs template with multiple elements for dashboards

materio nuxt template


Materio is a great free Vite Vuetify Nuxt template created for admin dashboards

modernize free nuxtjs Admin nuxt template

Modernize Free NuxtJs Admin

Modernize Free NuxtJs Admin is a complete Nuxt template for dashboards

nuxt material admin nuxt template

Nuxt Material Admin

Nuxt Material Admin is a great free Vuetify Nuxt template for admin dashboards

sakai nuxt nuxt template

Sakai Nuxt

Sakai Nuxt is a free PrimeVue Nuxt template that looks good for modern admin dashboards

nuxt argon nuxt template

Nuxt Argon

Nuxt Argon is a free Bootstrap Laravel Nuxt template that's dedicated to dashboards

mazer nuxt nuxt template

Mazer Nuxt

Mazer Nuxt is a dark mode free Bootstrap TypeScript Nuxt template for admin

salvia kit nuxt template

Salvia Kit

Salvia Kit is an awesome collection of free Tailwind Nuxt templates for dashboards

admin one vue tailwind nuxt template

Admin One Vue Tailwind

Admin One Vue Tailwind is a Tailwind Nuxt template for dashboards

UI Kit

nextkit nuxt template


NextKit is a flexible and well-structured Vuetify Nuxt UI kit

veluxi starter nuxt template

Veluxi Starter

Veluxi is a generous Nuxt UI Kit offering 14 different landing pages


nuxt lego nuxt template

Nuxt Lego

Nuxt Lego is a unique free Nuxt component library

nuxt ui nuxt template

Nuxt UI

Nuxt UI is a huge free Tailwind Nuxt component library that's constantly updated

mijin nuxt template


Mijin is a free Tailwind Nuxt component library

morpheme ui nuxt template

Morpheme UI

Morpheme UI is a generous Tailwind Nuxt component library


nuxtjs 3 boilerplate nuxt template

Nuxtjs 3 Boilerplate

Nuxtjs 3 Boilerplate is simple free Nuxt boilerplate to help you power up projects

nuxt3 awesome starter nuxt template

Nuxt3 Awesome Starter

Nuxt3 Awesome Starter is a comprehensive free Nuxt starter template

nuxty nuxt template


Nuxty is a flexible free Tailwind Nuxt starter template

nuxt3 tailwind kit nuxt template

Nuxt3 Tailwind Kit

Nuxt3 Tailwind Kit is a stylish free Tailwind Nuxt starter template

nuxt starter nuxt template

Nuxt Starter

Nuxt Starter is a free Morpheme Tailwind Nuxt starter template

nuxtwind daisy nuxt template

Nuxtwind Daisy

Nuxtwind Daisy is a free Daisy Tailwind Nuxt starter template


docus nuxt template


Docus is a well-structured free Nuxt template for documentation websites

logspot nuxt template


Logspot is a well-structured, stylish free Tailwind Nuxt template for change logs