HTMLrev by Devluc showcases carefully selected free HTML templates for websites and landing pages, licensed for both personal and commercial projects.

New brilliant free templates never get the chance to show up in Google search results. They are stuck behind old template sites and garbage roundup articles. HTMLrev fixes that.

Supporter slot

HTMLrev offers makers the opportunity to showcase their products through homepage Supporter Slots. Great for pro templates, builders, developer tools, learning platforms, etc.

The cost is $100 per month based on a Gumroad subscription product that auto-renews. You can cancel the subscription whenever you want, no questions asked.

Intrested in becoming a supporter? Get in touch on Twitter DM or through the contact form.

Submit template

Submit your free templates to get exposure for your website. HTMLrev links to your details page thus offering you all the credit and traffic. HTMLrev doesn't host (steal) your files.

Not all templates are featured. It's a subjective but human based selection process. No auto scraping random junk. To submit use the contact form.


If you spot broken links, broken templates, or templates that don't match the description please let me know. Use the contact form.


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