HTMLrev by Devluc showcases carefully selected free HTML templates for websites, landing pages, blogs, portfolios, ecommerce and dashboards.

New brilliant free templates are not shown in Google search results. They're stuck behind old template sites and garbage roundup articles. HTMLrev fixes that.

Sponsor slot

Promote your product to a focused web developer audience using the HTMLrev Sponsor Slot. Positioned on the homepage, it drives relevant traffic to your website.

The cost is $100/month based on a Gumroad subscription product that auto-renews. It can be stopped at any moment without my intervention.

Slot number is limited to 9 so that all products get a fair amount of clicks. To become a sponsor contact me on Twitter or through the contact form.

Submit template

Submit your free templates to get exposure for your website. HTMLrev links to your own page giving you all credit and traffic. I don't host (steal) your files.

Not all templates are featured. It's a subjective, human based selection process. No auto scraping random junk. To submit use the contact form.


If you spot broken links, broken templates, or templates that don't match the description please let me know through the contact form.


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