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Popular free HTML templates

solid html template


Solid is an amazing HTML template dedicated to business landing pages

mueller html template


Mueller is a responsive free website template designed specifically for agencies

laurel html template


Laurel is a free and elegant HTML template for impactful mobile app landing pages

Popular free Bootstrap templates

boldo bootstrap template


Boldo is a Bootstrap 5 template designed for modern business websites

jadoo bootstrap template


Jadoo is an awesome Bootstrap 5 template for travel agencies

agency bootstrap template


Agency is a free Bootstrap 5 template for agencies and small businesses

Popular free Tailwind templates

landing page tailwind template

Landing Page

Landing Page is a beautiful free Tailwind template for products and startups

marketing web app tailwind template

Marketing Web App

Marketing Web App is a well-designed Tailwind template for SaaS

skilline tailwind template


Skilline is a beautiful free Tailwind template for Saas landing pages

Popular free Bulma templates

orbitor bulma template


Orbitor is a beautiful free Bulma template for business websites

kross bulma template


Kross is a joyful free Bulma template for creative portfolios

godocs bulma template


Godocs is a useful free Bulma template for documentation pages

Popular free Angular templates

coreui angular admin angular template

CoreUI Angular Admin

CoreUI Angular Admin is a free Bootstrap Angular template for dashboards

ix siemens angular template

iX Siemens

iX Siemens is a free Angular design system by Siemens Industrial Experience

notus angular angular template

Notus Angular

Notus Angular is a free Tailwind Angular UI kit and dashboard template

Popular free React templates

material dashboard 2 react react template

Material Dashboard 2 React

Material Dashboard 2 React is a free MUI React template for admin

open react template


Open is a good looking dark mode Tailwind React template for startup landing pages

modernize react mui dashboard react template

Modernize React MUI Dashboard

Modernize React MUI Dashboard is a well-designed free MUI React template for admin

Popular free Vue templates

vue landing page vue template

Vue Landing Page Vue Template

Vue Landing Page is a great free Tailwind Vue template for SaaS landings

Vue Material Dashboard vue template

Vue Material Dashboard

Vue Material Dashboard is a great free Vue template for dashboards

HOPE UI VueJS Dashboard vue template

HOPE UI VueJS Dashboard

HOPE UI VueJS Dashboard is a both UI kit and admin Bootstrap Vue template

Popular free Next templates

agency minimal next template

Agency Minimal

Agency Minimal is a superb free Next template for startup websites

tokyo white typescript next template

Tokyo White TypeScript

Tokyo White TypeScript is a beautiful free MUI TypeScript Next template for dashboards

agency alpha template

Agency Alpha

Agency Alpha is a great free Next template for SaaS landing pages

Popular free Nuxt templates

modevue nuxt template


ModeVue is an awesome free multipurpose Nuxt template for business websites

mazer nuxt nuxt template

Mazer Nuxt

Mazer Nuxt is a dark mode free Bootstrap TypeScript Nuxt template for admin

salvia-kit nuxt template


Salvia-Kit is a multi-version Tailwind admin dashboard template including Nuxt

Popular free Svelte templates

salvia kit svelte template

Salvia Kit

Salvia Kit is an awesome collection of free Tailwind Svelte templates for dashboards

windmill svelte template


Windmill is a great free Tailwind SvelteKit template for admin dashboards

notus svelte svelte template

Notus Svelte

Notus Svelte is a generous free Tailwind Svelte UI kit and admin template

Popular free Astro themes

astrowind astro theme


AstroWind is a huge and well-designed free Tailwind Astro theme for startup websites

astroplate astro theme


Astroplate is an impressive Tailwind TypeScript Astro theme for startup projects

astroship astro theme


Astroship is a superb free Tailwind Astro theme for SaaS projects

Popular free Laravel templates

soft ui dashboard laravel livewire laravel template

Soft UI Dashboard Laravel Livewire

Soft UI is a great Bootstrap Alpine Laravel Livewire template for dashboards

nuxt argon dashboard 2 laravel laravel template

Nuxt Argon Dashboard 2 Laravel

Nuxt Argon is a generous Bootstrap Nuxt Laravel template for dashboards

material dashboard 2 laravel livewire laravel template

Material Dashboard 2 Laravel Livewire

Material is a free Bootstrap Alpine Laravel Livewire template for dashboard

Popular free Django templates

soft ui dashboard django django template

Soft UI Dashboard Django

Soft UI Dashboard is a feature-packed free Bootstrap Django template for dashboard

volt django dashboard django template

Volt Django Dashboard

Volt Django Dashboard is a free Bootstrap Django template for dashboards

argon dashboard django django template

Argon Dashboard Django

Argon Dashboard Django is a great free Bootstrap Django template for dashboard

Popular free Gatsby themes

gatsby serif gatsby theme

Gatsby Serif

Gatsby Serif is a modern and free Gatsby theme for business websites

circle gatsby theme


Circle is a superb dark mode free Gatsby theme for startup websites

amsterdam gatsby theme


Amsterdam is a stylish free Gatsby theme for artist portfolios

Popular free Hugo themes

hero hugo theme


Hero is a well-structured and stylish Hugo theme for business websites

apsho-hugo theme


Apsho is a superbly designed free Hugo theme for mobile apps

roxo hugo theme


Roxo is a feature-rich and beautiful free Hugo theme for agency websites

Popular free Jekyll themes

jasper jekyll theme


Jasper is a well structured free Jekyll theme for blogs

hitchens jekyll theme


Hitchens is a playful free Jekyll theme for memorable blogs

highlights jekyll theme


Highlights is a beautiful free Jekyll theme for personal sites

Popular free BCMS templates

tastyyy bcms template


Tastyyy is a characterful free BCMS template for restaurant online presentations

the podium bcms template

The Podium

The Podium is a beautiful free BCMS template for podcast websites

moda bcms template


Moda is a feature-rich free BCMS template for ecommerce projects

Popular free Framer templates

hirebase framer template


Hirebase is a modern free Framer template dedicated to SaaS websites

portfolio template framer template

Portfolio Template

Portfolio is an awesome dark mode free Framer template for portfolios

versevox framer template


VerseVox is a stylish free Framer template for digital products